Bob Ray (Director) has been shooting music videos, narrative and experimental shorts and feature films since 1993. His first feature film, the critically acclaimed and award winning Rock Opera (www.RockOperaTheMovie.com), was released on DVD from GoKart Films and KOCH Entertainment in April of 2005 and had previously been featured in over 25 film festivals, including South by Southwest, Leeds International, the Austin Film Festival, New York Underground, San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Chicago Underground, New Orleans Film Festival, and North by Northwest (Toronto). Bob’s Super 8 short film Sweet Sweetroll’s BaadAsssss Spin aired on the Independent Film Channel and Bravo as part of John Pierson’s Split-Screen. Additional work, including music videos, has appeared on MTV, MTV2, Much Music, and the Austin Music Network. Check out www.CrashCamFilms.com to see more of Bob's work.

Werner Campbell (Producer) has been working in independent media since 1995. His web sitewww.alternativefilm.com was an early pioneer of streaming video, showcasing short films from all over the world, and providing industry commentary and interviews with independent filmmakers, including Lloyd Kaufman and D.A. Pennebaker. Since 1997, Werner has served as crew chief of secret service for the South by Southwest Film and Music Festival, managing a staff of twelve, who are responsible for hospitality and security for the festival’s high profile guests. In addition, he has assumed the roles of actor, cinematographer, locations manager, assistant director, and producer on numerous film and video projects, and has produced countless music shows in Austin.

Jerelyn Orlandi (co-producer) is a native Texan and producer based in New York City.

Anne del Castillo (Associate Producer) is an independent producer who has worked in the film and television industry since 1993. In addition to her work as Associate Director of The Austin Film Society, she has a wide range of production experience, beginning with her work at PBS as production coordinator and series coordinator for the American Masters and Frontline series, respectively. She has on-set experience as a script supervisor, assistant director, associate producer, and more recently as events coordinator on Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams. Her first producing effort was a six-film anthology entitled Six in Austin, which received tremendous support from the City of Austin and the Austin film community and premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March 2002.

Conor O'Neill (Editor) is a filmmaker and editor who's editing work includes Word Wars and the 2005 Academy Award nominated Murderball. Conor was awarded the Sundance Film Festival's first-ever Special Jury Prize for Editing (Murderball, 2005).

Cory Ryan (Editor, Motion Graphics) has worked as an editor, after effects artist, color corrector & compression specialist in Austin for the past 5 years. Cory is also the founder & managing director of Flicker, a film festival spotlighting film-only projects & providing funding to the local film community. Previous to that, she acted as co-founder of Chapel Hill, NC's Hi Mom! Film Festival. She has previously shot & edited three of her own documentary projects, as well as several other independent films. She similarly worked on 2 independent features with The Shooting Gallery in NYC, one as a pyrotechnics intern. Cory also held an internship in the editorial effects department at the prestigious Industrial Light & Magic, where she worked on Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace.


Camera Operators:

Jen White is an Austin-based independent filmmaker and coordinator of the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers’ Austin salon. As a freelance cinematographer, her credits include second unit photography on Bob Ray’s Wrecked (one of the films featured in the Six in Austin anthology) and director of photography on the Austin production of Hamlet. She has also written and directed several short films and is currently in pre-production on her first digital feature entitled between floors.

Viet Nguyen (www.foreignimage.com) has created over a dozen short films and videos. Over the last 10 years, he’s produced videos that have given him national attention. At the age of 16, his work was showcased in Student Produced Week of Channel One, a news program broadcasting to over 9 million students nationwide. More recently, his short film, "The Haircut," won Grand Prize in the narrative category at the University of Texas student film festival, Jumpcut, and the film also showcased in the New York International Independent Film Festival.

Viet, now residing in Los Angeles, has a film degree from the University of Texas in Austin and currently works in post-production for the hit television series, Veronica Mars.

Tracie Laymon began working on films as a production assistant in Austin, TX in 1998 and since then has gone on as an assistant director, production manager, producer, writer and director on dozens of other projects.

Scott Perez

Adrian Archuleta

Michael Bayer (www.flatheadfilms.com)

Trevor Nelson

Larry Stern

Michael Crawford

Becky Hayes

Anlo Sepulveda has written, directed, produced, and edited several short films such as Bovinity Divinity and Trampoline. Anlo produced a series of news stories for several news agencies and also for Channel One, which has a viewership of over nine million people worldwide. He worked as the director of photography for the Foreign Image films: Out for Blood II: Out for More Blood and Brodie's Boys. Recently, Anlo teamed up with a Scottish bag piper and made a documentary about their travels and misadventures in Cuba.



Bob Sherman (www.bobshermanart.com)

Hui-Min Tsen

Beth Sams (www.grooveefortune.com)

Kellar Hall

Hunter Kinsey (www.HKPhotography.net)

Larry Stern

Shelly Reese

Bryan Bassett (www.publicimage.us)

Gary Newgord

Steve Lietch

Cory Ryan

Michael Crawford

Tim Pipe

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